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KGY-DF electroplating air-cooled high frequency switching power supply

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1. Product use

It is widely used in places where DC power is needed for electroplating, oxidation, electrolysis and other similar loads.

2. Product features

● The power supply adopts an N+1 redundant backup system and automatic current sharing technology, and the module also has a hot-swappable function, which greatly improves the reliability of the power supply;

● The power supply has the function of voltage stabilization and current limiting or voltage stabilization, and the stability accuracy is ≤1%. Optional power distribution control function and timing control function;

● It has multiple protection functions such as over current, short circuit and over temperature;

● The transformer core adopts high permeability nanocrystalline core, the switching frequency is about 20KHZ, the power factor is ≥90%, and the overall efficiency is ≥90%;

● Output voltage ripple coefficient ≤5%-1% optional;

● The control system can be selected by digital control or analog control. The RS-485 network control system is standard, and 4-20mA, 0-5V, and 0-10V standard control signal interfaces can also be optional.

● The control method adopts local control, remote control or monitoring system operation control.

3. Product specifications

● DC output current: 10A-20000A;

● DC output voltage: ≤36V

● Cooling method: air cooling

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