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NKH-12X intelligent dual control, electrolytic silicon controlled rectifier

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1. Product overview
● The digital twelve-phase hot standby silicon controlled rectifier is suitable for metal electrolysis, salt electrolysis to produce caustic soda, potash, sodium, potassium chlorate, etc. and aluminum alloy oxidation. It can also be used for carbon tube furnaces, graphitization furnaces, smelting furnaces, etc. Areas that require high current.
● The power supply is an advanced low-voltage and high-current DC power supply, which is completely comparable to similar products in European and American countries.
● Because the power supply adopts the extended twelve-phase rectification, the whole machine has high efficiency, good current sharing performance, large output power, and also has ultra-low ripple that other rectification forms cannot match, and it can eliminate odd harmonics on the power grid. Pollution, so it is more and more widely used in high power, high current, electrolysis and oxidation industries.

2. Product features
● Adopting the intelligent control of the microcomputer digital touch screen, the power supply can be preset with 20 different programs, which can be selected at will;
● With hot standby function, two sets of control systems, one set has problems, the other set has no disturbance switching;
● The main transformer adopts the extended twelve-phase rectifier, which can effectively eliminate the pollution of the power grid by the odd harmonics such as;
● Ultra-low voltage ripple coefficient, the ripple coefficient can be ≤3% under the rated output, and the ripple coefficient can reach ≤1% in the whole process under special requirements;
● Various protection functions: phase loss, under voltage, over current, short circuit, over temperature, water cut and other protection functions. To
● Product specifications: NKD(H)-12X-1000A~100000A/6~1000V;
● Cooling method: water cooling, oil immersion water cooling, air cooling.

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