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KGY-YF electrophoretic painting high frequency switching power supply

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I. Overview  
High frequency electrophoresis painting is a novel surface treatment process. The electrophoretic paint power supply produced by our company is welcomed by the electrophoretic paint industry due to its soft-start function and ultra-low ripple. It is not only suitable for cathodic electrophoresis, but also for anode electrophoresis. It is comparable to foreign products in performance and is an upgraded product of SCR electrophoretic paint power supply.

2. Product features
● It has functions of voltage stabilization and current limiting or voltage limiting and single-step or multi-step soft start and power timing control functions;
● With over-current, short-circuit, phase loss, and over-temperature protection functions;
● Transformer core adopts nanocrystalline core with high permeability, switching frequency is about 20KHZ, power factor ≥90%, overall efficiency ≥90%
● The control system can be manually controlled or automatically controlled. It is equipped with RS-485 network control system as standard, and 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V standard control signal interfaces are also optional;
● Advanced power conversion circuit and PWM modulation technology make the power supply reach the efficiency, precision and extremely low ripple coefficient that traditional electrophoresis power supply can not achieve. The output current ripple coefficient is not more than 3% in the full range, and the grid voltage fluctuates. Load changes have no effect on the output voltage.

3. Product specifications
● DC output current: 50A-3000A
● DC output voltage: 50V-500V
● Cooling method: air cooling or water cooling

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