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KR series SCR heating rectifier

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1. Purpose
Mainly used in the heating of single crystal silicon furnace, crystal growth furnace and other similar loads. For example: steel wire heating, silicon carbide heating, DC electric arc furnace, graphitization furnace, mining furnace, vacuum furnace, etc. AC or DC heating.

2. Product Features
● The heating power supply is a low-voltage and high-current power supply. Since the heating temperature is as high as 1500°C, the power supply is mainly oil-immersed and water-cooled to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the power supply;
● According to the process requirements of monocrystalline silicon growth, the power supply can work under constant voltage and current limit or constant power;
● The transformer adopts three-phase five-column type, the rectification method adopts SCR module for primary side voltage regulation, and secondary side ZP tube rectification. This can effectively reduce the harmonic components, and the output DC is smooth and stable, which is beneficial to reduce the vibration and noise of the monocrystalline silicon magnetic field heating furnace;
● The main specifications of the rectifier are: 1000A/55V, 1500A/55V, 2000A/55V, 2500A/55V, 3000A/55V, respectively, matched with different power single crystal furnaces. The rated output voltage is 55V. The set voltage is 0-60V.

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