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KGY-(F)S high frequency switching power supply for corrosion

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1. Purpose
This series of products is used for the corrosion of electrode foil, and is used in conjunction with the electrode (aluminum) foil formation DC power supply. The power supply generally adopts KGYS series water-cooled high-frequency switching power supply, or SCR rectifier power supply.

2. Product Features
● According to the requirements of foil corrosion production process, this series of products has 3-4 sets as a set as a production line. For example: KGY-(F)S-6000A/6~10V, 4000A/6~10V, 13000A/6~10V and a piano-type remote control cabinet form a production line; ● The power supply adopts the current international advanced PWM pulse width modulation Technology, make the inverter frequency up to 15KHZ. The pulsating frequency of DC output can be greater than 30KHZ, so that the output ripple coefficient is less than 2%. The output DC is very stable, which is very helpful to improve the accuracy of the corroded foil aperture; the power factor of the power supply is ≥0.93, and the efficiency of the whole machine is ≥90%;
● The voltage and current are displayed by a digital meter and can provide RS485 network control system;
● Due to the corrosion process requires high reliability of the power supply. Even a few minutes of failure of the power supply will cause great losses, so the power supply is designed with an N+1 redundant backup system. Once a module fails, other modules share the fault unit current, so that the actual total demand remains unchanged;
● The cooling method of this series of products is: water cooling or air cooling.

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