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NSKD-12X Series SCR Periodic Commutation Plating Rectifier

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1. Product overview
● The SCR periodic commutation electroplating rectifier is a power supply specially designed for hard chromium electroplating with low voltage, high current and low ripple. It is widely used in the electroplating industry of wear-resistant workpieces. For example, in the ordnance industry, significant effects have been achieved in low-ripple hard chromium plating on guns, artillery, tanks, internal combustion engine cylinder piston rings, and steel mill rolls.
● The power supply has the advantages of high overall efficiency, good current sharing performance, large output current and low voltage ripple coefficient. Especially the 12-phase periodic commutation electroplating effect is better. The voltage ripple coefficient of the power supply can be ≤1% in the whole process, and the electroplating time is shortened by more than 1/3 compared with conventional electroplating, and it can effectively eliminate the pollution of the odd harmonics to the power grid.
● This type of power supply can realize the full automatic control of hard chromium electroplating and complete various hard chromium electroplating process curves, which can completely replace imported similar power supplies.

2. Product Features
● Adopting the intelligent control of the microcomputer digital touch screen, the power supply can be preset with 20 different programs, which can be selected at will;
● With hot standby function, two sets of control systems, one set has problems, the other set has no disturbance switching;
● The main transformer adopts the extended twelve-phase rectifier, which can effectively eliminate the pollution of the power grid by the odd harmonics such as;
● Ultra-low voltage ripple coefficient, the ripple coefficient can be ≤3% under the rated output, and the ripple coefficient can reach ≤1% in the whole process under special requirements;
● Various protection functions: phase loss, under voltage, over current, short circuit, over temperature, water cut and other protection functions.
● The power supply has three optional working states: periodic commutation, forward or reverse, and can automatically change the polarity of the output current (electronic commutation) according to process needs, which is beneficial to improve the hardness, density and smoothness of the coating;
● With automatic timing function, automatic control of the working state of 1-3 steps, which can better realize the quality control of the thickness, hardness, and wear resistance of the chromium layer;
● The power supply can work under the condition of voltage stabilization and current limitation, and the two working states can be switched at will;
● It can adopt analog control or digital control. If digital control is adopted, it has power and time control functions. It also has an RS-485 network control system to facilitate networking with computers;
● The rectifier specification is: 500A/-50000A/+-12V—+-24V;
● Cooling method: water cooling or oil immersion water cooling.

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