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KD series electroplating silicon controlled rectifier

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1. Product use
It is widely used in electroplating, aluminum alloy oxidation, non-ferrous metal electrolysis, rare earth smelting, chemical equipment anti-corrosion anode protection, sewage, wastewater treatment and other similar loads where DC power is required.

2. Product features
● With automatic voltage stabilization and current limiting or voltage stabilization and voltage limiting, stable accuracy ≤ 1%. Optional power distribution control function and timing control function;
● With protection functions for over current, short circuit, phase loss and over temperature;
● It adopts three-phase five-column rectifier transformer without balance reactor, which saves 10% electricity compared with six-phase half-wave rectifier. Twelve-phase rectification can also be used, which can effectively eliminate the pollution of odd harmonics to the grid;
● The output rated voltage ripple coefficient can be selected from 5% to 1%. If twelve-phase rectification is used, the ripple coefficient can reach ≤1% in the whole process;
● Optional 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V and other general control interfaces or adopt RS-485 network control system digital control mode. To

Three, product specifications
● Output current 100A-50000A
● Output voltage 6V-36V
● Cooling method: air cooling or oil immersion water cooling

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