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NQD digital pulse plating power supply

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1. Product use
● Places such as electroplating and electro-etching in microcircuits, precision molds, and semiconductor industries;
● Precious metal plating on connectors, jewelry, and printing plates
● High-quality chromium plating, copper, zinc, nickel and other industries.

2. Product features
● The output is a square wave, the duty cycle, frequency, output voltage and current are all adjustable, and the user can combine any combination according to the plating process requirements;
● It can greatly increase the plating rate, improve the smoothness, ductility and uniformity, increase the hardness and wear resistance;
● Coating advantages: fine, bright, low porosity, low contact resistance, good wear resistance, and can save 20-30% of metal materials, which is especially obvious for the economic benefits of precious metal electroplating;
● High-speed commutation of positive and negative pulses can also be used during electroplating, so that the surface of the coating is denser and brighter, and the temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of the surface are further improved;
● Adopt digital control technology, high-definition LCD screen display, touch button control, simple and clear operation interface, standard RS-485 network control system.

Three, product specifications
● Output peak current: 10A-1500A
● Duty ratio: 1:2~8:9
● Output voltage: 12V-18V
● Pulse frequency: 10-5000HZ
● Cooling method: air cooling

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